James Harvest, the brand, was created in Chattanooga, Tennessee, in the USA in 1988. In the forties, right after the Second World War, Major League baseball resumed again after being cancelled due to the war effort.

Baseball quickly regained its position as the number one sport in the USA. Huge crowds followed the Major League action, and star players became household names and heroes. In the twenties, Babe Ruth, who hit a total of 714 home runs during his career, was the biggest name in baseball. In the forties, one of the big baseball players was Joe DiMaggio. DiMaggio hit 361 home runs and married the voluptuous movie star Marilyn Monroe. There was also another star on the baseball diamond in the forties, and his name was James Harvest.

James was born in a log cabin in Kentucky. His father John, an honest, hard-working farmer, and his mother Priscilla, had both settled out west at the turn of the century. By working hard, the family was eventually able to send James to high school where he received a
scholarship to Boston College. It was during these years that James perfected his pitching technique. After college, where he graduated with honours with a degree in physical education, James was the first-round draft pick of the New York Mets. Unfortunately, the war started and James enlisted in the Navy. James served in the Pacific as a naval officer and pilot. Decorated twice for bravery, James was discharged in 1945 and resumed his career in baseball.

During the next 7 years, James was the top scorer 5 times and was voted "Most Valuable Player" three times. He also won the Truman Memorial Trophy twice for the most home runs hit in a single game. James Harvest retired from baseball in 1953. A crowd of 120,000 fans gave James a five-minute standing ovation at his farewell game in New York. James never returned to the mound.